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Quick Refence to Photo & Image Sizes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Networks


Facebook Image Sizes Cover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall Shared image: 1200 px wide by 630 px tall Shared link thumbnail image:1200 px wide by 627 px tall LinkedIn Image Sizes Background image: 1500 px […]

How to install Apache, php, mySQL and phpMyAdmin via SSH (works on Ubuntu and Mint)


Apache sudo apt-get install apache2 PHP5 sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5 MySQL Server sudo apt-get install mysql-server phpMyAdmin sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin This is it. Type http://localhost and you should be able to see the home file (located in /var/www)

How to accept payments by credit cards and paypal in Pakistan


Note: This article was posted in November 2012 and there could be a change in policies for respective brands mentioned below. Contact Us if you need any assistance for your ecommerce website project. Acceptance of credit cards is a major player in ecommerce growth but unfortunately it is next to impossible to acquire an online […]

How to prevent users from copying data and images from your website?


Data entry is time consuming. You get your website up with awesome images and copy and latter find out that people are copying it. Since your website is public, you can’t really make people to stop copying but at least you can make it difficult for them! Here are a few suggestions: Add CSS so […]