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Web Development Price in Pakistan


How much does website development cost in Pakistan? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions by anyone seeking to get a website developed and unfortunately there is no definitive answer. With so much competition and everyone getting on the bandwagon to start a web development company, prices can vary drastically leaving potential website […]

Should I be using WordPress CMS for my project?


WordPress is web software which can be used to create a beautiful websites or blogs that are extremely easy to maintain. Best of all, WordPress is free and carries with it tons of plugins which are mostly free as well. Our own website is powered by WordPress and it cannot get easier to maintain it. […]

Latest 15 website design trends for 2012


2012 looks set to be an interesting year. The economic fallout continues to batter industries worldwide, seemingly with no end in sight; and many governments are doing their best to censor the internet, to deny citizens basic rights or prop up ailing media companies. For web design and development, 2012 could be similarly turbulent. We’re […]