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How much does website development cost in Pakistan?

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions by anyone seeking to get a website developed and unfortunately there is no definitive answer. With so much competition and everyone getting on the bandwagon to start a web development company, prices can vary drastically leaving potential website design buyers confused.

There are several factors that play a role when basing the cost. For example:

  • How many unique design concepts are needed? Will you get inner page design concepts as well before sign-off?
  • Will the price be based on a ready-made template or a custom design template from scratch?
  • Will it be build on a CMS such as WordPress or Drupal?
  • Will the web agency be doing content writing and creating catchy headlines? How many pages will be there?
  • Will the initial website be thoroughly tested on multiple screen sizes?
  • Will the website loading time be under 5 seconds?
  • If website redesign, will the agency take care of existing URLs indexed by search engines so you don’t lose ranking and get 404 errors?
  • Is corporate branding needed?
  • Will the delivered website be social media friendly with Open Graph meta tags for optimal social media integration?

Inexperienced web agencies don’t really follow any industry standards, they just buy a template, dump your content and walk away. This leaves a negative impact on your brand and doesn’t turn visitors into customers. Then you wonder why I am getting no business from my website!

If you choose a company such as Pexsol Interactive, we have been in this industry since 2001 and we don’t just build a website and walk away – we ensure to remain committed till your targets are achieved. We have a Website Marketing Package that includes everything to help you get started.


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