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Our websites are tailor-made to attract, motivate, and then eventually win hearts. Our designers and developers have the acumen and skill to make a website lively – and pass with flying colors. There is no guess game; there is not a single element just to fill the space. Every design component persuades the website visitor to explore more. Your user will sense contentment when interfacing with your business module online. A single visit will make way to many more.

At Pexsol Interactive, we are bright, enthusiastic, and determined – Ordinary is just not part of our dictionary. With our extra effort, we make ordinary, extraordinary.

Visual Design

Our graphic designers have mastered the challenge of expressive reaction to color, figure, icon, space, and eye-tracking. Each ingredient is meant to generate utmost attraction. If you don’t believe in love at first sight then visit the websites we make. The visual treat is the first impression that becomes lasting.


Pexsol Interactive’s highly trained team of programmers and developers are ahead of the rest in every latest technological progress. Each component is assessed to make certain that the website delivers definitive user satisfaction and commitment. We encourage a sound user experience.

CMS Design & Implementation

Your website is not just a webpage, it is way beyond that. And it has to live up to its reputation. Our content management system (CMS) performs to keep your website at peak feat, regularly updated, and above all – relevant. Our practice is continuing, and we stay ahead of the curve in our advance methods to counter the challenge of new technology and changing user anticipation. We can’t afford the stagnant approach, we have to refresh it on regular basis — our CMS system can do it smartly.

Ecommerce Solutions

Pexsol Interactive offers several ecommerce solutions including custom shopping cart platforms and a range of pre-built platforms – Magento, Opencart, WooCommerce, Spree Commerce to name a few. From the smallest to the largest online stores, to membership sites with recurring billing, Pexsol Interactive produces the ideal ecommerce ambience to encourage reliability and tempts users back for more, time and again.

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Campaign Microsites

Whether you have a big or small corporation, we are here to build microsites to reach targeted buyers and endorse particular products. Experience the unbelievable results when our innovative team gets involved in your idea by constructing microsites that deliver.

Website Redesign Services

It takes no time for a user to gauge your productivity when landing on your website. The seeing is believing and the reaction will say it all. We can convert a graceless, outdated website into something happening and attracting, fully optimized for mobile devices.

Website Maintenance Services

Launching a website is one thing and maintaining it is another thing. Website maintenance keeps your online presence important and cutting edge. We know the tools, and supervise the fine points so that the productivity never weakens.

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